The dawn of the 22nd of March 2017 ushered in the annual SASA workshop at the esteemed Sandton Convention Centre. Peter Burchell, Estee du Toit, Heidi Meyer as well as Wendy Alexander were stationed bright and early, eager to assist and provide insight to various doctors.

The SASA congress is an annual event that is dedicated to the discipline of Anaesthesia at both Academic and Clinical level. At this year’s national congress, our respective products were put on a display, both in the morning and in the afternoon. A number of our products were exhibited at the Lung Isolation workshop, Airway Simulation workshop, Fibre-optic-video-laryngoscopy workshop as well as the Supraglottic Airway workshop.

The annual SASA congress officially kicked off on the 23rd of March and ran until the 26th of March. Our SSEM Mthembu Medical stand experienced a lot of foot traffic as delegates visited during all tea times and lunch breaks. The overall attendance was remarkable. The new Viva site (Endobronchial tube with a built-in camera) as well as the Glidescope proved to be this year’s main attractions. Other products such as the CVC, A Scope, Aura Gain and Polymed also drew in big crowds.

During the course of proceedings, Dr. Sean Chetty was awarded the SSEM Mthembu Medical Academic Prize for his winning paper. SSEM Mthembu Medical has proudly sponsored the Competition for several years running.