Blood Division training in Zambia

SSEM Mthembu Medical was invited to participate in the recent induction training programme of newly recruited staff for Zambia National Blood Transfusion Service (ZNBTS). The training took place from 24th – 28th February at ZNBTS head office in Lusaka.

Topics covered were:

  • Biorisk Management
  • Primary Donation Process (Donor to Laboratory)
  • Phlebotomy Techniques
  • Component Production & Operation of Processing Equipment
  • TTI Testing
  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

The course entailed both theoretical and practical workshops to ensure adequate understanding of automation. The new staff were evaluated on competency and understanding basics of Blood Transfusion practices.

The course programme was developed by Dr Joseph Mulenga (Medical Director of ZBTS) in close association with Mrs Dia Kumwenda Phiri (Donation Manager) and Mr David Chama (Technical Manager).

SSEM Mthembu Medical took the opportunity to introduce their newly appointed technical engineer, Mr John Manela of Onyx Technologies Lusaka to the blood transfusion team. He has been trained on all JMS blood banking equipment and will work as a support service to ZNBTS on behalf of SSEM Mthembu Medical. He will be operating from Lusaka.