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Actiwatch is a small, rugged, actigraphy-based, data logger designed for professional and scientific use.

With any of our three Actiwatch models, you can record a digitally-integrated measure of gross motor activity that can be used to visualize rest activity patterns, quantify physical activity or sleep. Actiwatch has been used by hundreds of academic researchers and sleep clinicians, and in more than 30 clinical trials, around the world.

Actiwatch Spectrum is equipped with advanced features needed for when you are involved in more demanding research protocols. It is an all-in-one, waterproof device and ideal for those who prefer to wear a wrist-watch. Should a user remove the device during the study, Actiwatch Spectrum records when it has been removed and for how long. Integrated light sensors provide irradiance and luminous flux recordings in red, green, and blue color bands and a white light measurement in lux.

Actiwatch 2 is a rugged, reliable, and unobtrusive actigraphy device that is ideal if you are just getting started using actigraphy. It is waterproof and equipped with a light sensor and event marker to record when events of significance (like lights out time) occur. Actiwatch 2 is small and comfortable, making it well-suited for use with younger wearers or those sensitive about wearing a wrist-worn device.

Actiwatch Score is ideal if you are a researcher interested in understanding the relationship between subjective scores and physical activity and sleep. Subjects are prompted by the automated reminder to enter their response in accordance with a programmed schedule. If having time-stamped subjective scores, for any subjective parameter that can be classified on a numerical scale, would be helpful for research applications, then look to Actiwatch Score.

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