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A PICC line is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, a long thin tube that is placed into a vein and threaded until the tip is in a very large vein in your chest. The PICC may be used to give medicines and other fluids, such as nutrition and blood products, into the vein. Unlike the short IV lines you may have had placed in your hand or arm, a PICC may be in your arm many weeks or months.

It may also be possible to take blood samples from your PICC to be used for special tests. There are a variety of PICCs available. Some have a valve, while others do not. Vaxcel® PICCs with PASV® Valve Technology are catheters that have a valve located in an area at the end of the catheter called the hub. Valved catheters generally do not have clamps like non-valved catheters, such as Vaxcel PICCs. Generally, both types of catheters are placed and cared for in a similar manner.

Navilyst Medicals' innovatively designed range of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters are manufactured with advanced materials which offer the versatility and capability necessary to provide enhanced PICC placement and care.

The Vaxcel® PICC is a non-valved catheter intended for short- or long-term infusion therapy. It is available in a variety of configurations to satisfy the needs of the inserter. They are designed for image-guided placement.  Enhanced radiopacity is designed for improved visualization when using fluoroscopic guidance for insertion and for tip confirmation via chest x-ray. They incorporate a reverse taper extrusion, which is designed for improved kink resistance.  In addition, the reverse taper is intended to provide greater pushability for easier placement.




The Vaxcel® PICC is also available with the Navilyst developed PASV® Technology (Pressure Activated Safety Valve), which consists of a direction-specific valve within the hub that is designed to resist backflow and maintain patency between uses. PICCs with PASV Valve Technology have demonstrated significant reductions in rates of occlusions and infections.


PICC Lines availale in our portfolio:

  • Vaxcel® PICC

  • Vaxcel® PICC with PASV® Technology


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