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Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) is a minimally invasive procedure to open up blocked coronary arteries, allowing blood to circulate unobstructed to the heart muscle. 


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Navilyst Medical (AngioDynamics) producers a large range of PTCA accessories, compatible with their Fluid Management ranges of products.


Included in our PTCA Portfolio:


  • Encore® Inflation devices

  • NAMIC® Y-Adaptors and Tri-Adaptors

  • NAMIC® Torque devices

  • NAMIC® Guidewire insertion tools

  • Angiographic Core Wires

  • NAMIC® Stopcocks


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Sembu, the manufacturing and packing arm for SSEM Mthembu Medical (PTY) LTD, produces several inflation device kits containing various components to meet the needs of the physician performing the procedure. By combining the PTCA items into once set there is a resultant cost saving for the consumables used in the procedure.


Included in our PTCA Portfolio:


  • Encore® Inflation devices kit variations

  • Separate sterile PTCA accessories


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Biometrix produces a highly efficient push-pull Y-connector for PTCA procedures. This Angio-line™ Push-Pull Y-connector is ideal for single hand operation.

This product is available as a seperate sterile item or as part of a fluid managment assembly kit.


Download Biometrix Angio-line Brochure