Vivx-S Portable Wireless is Vieworks flat panel radiology system for general radiographic application susing its unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector. The detector can fit into almost all existing bucky trays as it is the same size as film or CR cassettes. The detectors are also available as a wired solution where needed. Images can be simply acquired and transmitted to the DICOM server through Wi-Fi in seconds.

The panel comes standard with Batteries and charger and can be charged in 2 hours. An additional tether cable, connection to the detector, can also recharge the battery without removing it from the detector. ViVIX-S Portable, Wireless detector has a built-in Access Point (AP) which enables customers to take X-ray examinations directly to a wifi capable computer, laptop unit or Windows surface tablet.

In case of losing WiFi communication between the detector and the image acquisition software, the detector can save up to 100 images with its built-in memory. After resuming communication with the detector, all saved images can be transmitted to the software.

ViVIX-S Portable, Wireless can be installed in a single or dual or multiple detector-configuration depending on the required applications.

For dual or multiple detector-configurations, ViVIX-S Portable, Wireless can also be installed with a combination of ViIVIX-S Portable, Wireless and other Vieworks’s flat panel detectors.

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