Samsung have expanded on their HS-range for a hybrid of applications by adding the HS60 ultrasound system with versatile capabilities and greater accuracy. HS60's remarkable capabilities are complemented by advanced abdominal, small parts, and cardiovascular tools that also feature in our premium system. It delivers highly detailed images through innovation. Samsung's innovative imaging technologies and single crystal transducers provide highly detailed images to increase diagnostic confidence even with challenging patients. The user-oriented features streamline the workflow.

A busy practice needs user-oriented features to manage routine ultrasound exams. Accurate and easy-to-use, HS60's comprehensive features enable greater throughput.

This system is designed for your convenience with a combination of a comfortable environment and a streamlined user interface, together with design features such as a large LED monitor and touchscreen, enabling the clinician to focus on imaging while also reducing the stress of operating the HS60.


  • 5D NT™
  • 5D Follicle™
  • Realistic Vue™
  • Hello Mom™
  • ElastoScan™
  • NeedleMate™
  • E-Strain™
  • Auto IMT+™
  • Strain+
  • S-Flow™
  • S-Vue™ transducers
  • ClearVision
  • S-Harmonic™
  • Quick Preset
  • EZ-Exam+™
  • Advanced QuickScan
  • EZ-Compare™
  • Curved array transducers
  • Linear Array transducers
  • Volume transducers
  • Endo-cavity transducer
  • Phased array transducers
  • CW transducers

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