Breathing systems are defined as an assembly of components which connects the patients’ airway to the anaesthetic machine or mechanical ventilator creating an artificial atmosphere, from and into which the patient breathes.

R Vent's range of breathing circuits is extensive. With the option for full customisation even the most challenging circuit requirements can easily be met.

Breathing circuit types include:

  • Anaesthesia Circuits
  • Semi-closed circuits
  • Ventilation Circuits
  • Neonatal Circuits
  • Proximal Pressure Line Circuits

The R Vent® circuits are available in different tubing types:

Tubing diameter size options include:

  • 22mm - Adult  (35kg- more)
  • 15mm - Pediatric (6kg – 35 kg)
  • 10mm - Neonatal (0kg - 6kg)

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