Manufactured to the highest international quality standards, the R Vent® range of breathing filters are designed to optimise the breathing system. With the highest levels of efficiency and minimal dead space, these filters will enhance the ventilation process.

Bacterial viral filters

Bacterial/Viral FilterDue to its high performing electrostatic filtration medium, R Vent® Bacterial Viral Filters support protection of the patient from potentially

present microorganisms in the inspired air as well as safe-guarding the ventilator and the ventilator breathing system from airborne

microorganisms that the patient exhales. This also helps to reduce the risk of possible cross-infection.

HME Bacterial Viral filters

R Vent® HME filters efficiently humidify and heat the inspired air of the ventilator dependent patient. Additionally, with their high bacterial

and viral filtration efficiency rates they exceptionally sustain infection prevention. The filter protects the patient from potentially

dangerous microorganisms in the inspired air as well as safe-guarding the ventilator breathing system from airborne micro-organisms that the

patient exhales.

A highlight is the R Vent® HMEF which contains a hydrophobic filter membrane of coated glass fiber. This membrane cannot be passed by

potentially contaminated fluids (e.g. blood, sputum, condensate) under normal pressure conditions of mechanical ventilation.

Tracheostomy filters


The HME medium of the R Vent® Tracheostomy heat and moisture exchangers consists of a microporous polymer foam that was specially developed for this application and returns a high degree of heat and moisture. Altera offers the HumidStar Trach for tracheostomized patients which features an oxygen port and a safety valve


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