Cannula 33, also known as the Laryngotracheal cannula, is used for anaesthesia of the laryngeal/tracheal area.

The LT cannula is used to deliver a hydrochloride lidocaine solution in spray form into the larynx and the trachea as local anaesthesia for the unconscious patient, just prior to an endotracheal intubation.

The cannula is particularly recommended for smokers (cough elimination) and to simplify difficult intubations.

This form of local anaesthesia is also efficient as final stage of a topical anaesthesia for a conscious patient (after having previously applied a spray or another appropriated method as topical anesthesia for the pharynx and the epiglottis), before proceeding to a larynx or tracheobronchial endoscopy.




  • Sterile kit containing one cannula, one 5-ml-syringe with 40-mm-needle

  • Single use

  • Composition

    • Santoprene

    • Polycarbonate

  • Advantages

    • The cannula has an anatomically curved shape with soft end to avoid airway trauma during insertion

    • Two marks on the cannula assist in correct placement of the cannula in relation to the glottic opening and vocal cords

    • Exit holes are uniformly positioned around the cannula for full spray coverage of the laryngeal/tracheal area


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