Their research and development has its roots in the dynamic world of EMS today. Spencer strives to offer answers to the delicate necessities of rescue respecting high standards of quality. 

Currently, a range of 1.700 Spencer products are being used globally by cutting edge clients.

As a manufacturer, Spencer has numerous quality certificates, which guarantee the requirements in the fields of emergency, medical and mortuary today.

“When we speak of safety, quality is not an option. It’s the minimum requirement if we want a product made to last. Every Spencer project is developed with the intention of redefining new standards in quality.”

Spencer aims to beat the expectations of even the most competent and demanding client; pledges to face and resolve the most complex problems in emergency and ensures that the superior quality of their products is clear and easy to understand.

Spencer believes that constant contact with the valued clients and end users is essential to reach top quality levels and to feed the true soul of innovation.