Steelco have a range of drying cabinets to dry and store the following equipment:

  • Flexible Endoscopes
  • Instruments
  • Tubing
  • Blankets/Towels

 Drying cabinets for flexible endoscopes:

  • Endoscope cabinets - drying in a vertical position or horizontal position in cassetes
  • Strorage for up to 30 days - validated
  • Single units with 1 or 2 doors
  • Double units with 1 or 2 doors


Download Endscope Drying Cabinet brochure

Drying cabinets for instruments, linen and tubing:


  • All these units can be set up according to the customers needs with number and amount of shelves for instruments, cassetes for hoses, shelves for towels and blankets

Download Instrument Drying Cabinet Brochure

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