SSEM Mthembu Medical offers a comprehensive range of Critical Care Transducers. This range includes kits for use in the Theatre, ICU and Trauma Unit environments.

We have configurations that are suitable for adults, paediatric and neonatal patients.  Our kits are available in single, double, triple and bridge configurations, designed to meet all Critical Care and Anaesthetic pressure measurement requirements.

Compatible with all patient monitoring systems on the market, our transducers are supplied with interface cables, modular plates and clamps for easy connection and optimal mounting. Should the user's preference be for arm mounting, arm straps are included with every kit.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Option for full kit customisation

  • The fly-leads are ribbon-type to ensure patient comfort

  • The interface connector is shrouded in a plastic hood to protect the connection to the fly-lead

  • Interface connector includes a unique locking mechanism to prevent inadvertant disconnection

  • Compact transducer dome, ergonomically designed to minimise air bubble formation

  • Minimal skin contact zone on the back of the dome

  • Dome designed at an angle to facilitate easier manipulation of the zero stopcock and flush when arm mounted

  • "Off" handle Zero stopcock with a vented luer plug to minimise manipulation

  • Detachable administration

  • Two methods to flush

  • Continuous flush suitable for the full patient spectrum

  • Wings on all tubing connections to promote ease-of-use

  • Arms straps in each kit

  • Colour coding throughout kit

  • Fully compatible with needle-free devices (included in kit or added separately)

  • Closed system options

  • Fully compatible with all patient monitoring systems  

 Please click on the below link to view an animation of the proposed use of our Pressure Transducers:

User Guide Animation

Download Softech Transducer Brochure

Download Unimed Interface Cable Brochure